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2. We Get to Chat and Talk About You

3. We Put Your Plan into Action

Send us a message through the Contact Us page, you may also email us at info@mustardsplatterdesign.com ,  or   set up a free 15-minute strategy session to discuss your business (by phone, online meeting such as Zoom or Skype, or in-person) 
We will go over your existing brand and marketing strategies to determine a plan that fits you and your business's needs. You may just need an in-depth consultation. Maybe you want us to get you started and you can take over after that. Or, you may want us to do the entire job so you can focus on your specialty. We'll figure it out together.
You are ready to go forward with your plan. The work and fees are agreed to and partial or full payment is made (depending on the job specs). The written and signed agreement is provided and we are ready to move forward. Our next in-depth meeting is scheduled for the next available date and Mustard Splatter Design will make the preparations for your next steps to shine on the world.

4. We Work It

5.  What is Expected of Us 

6. Some Things We Need from You

For the Guidance plan, we will prepare then meet for 2 hours and use our expertise to consult and train you on best practices.

For the Training and Assistance plan, you will get the consulting and training and we will take over an amount of design and marketing.

For the Take it Off Your Hands plan, we will do it all and provide you with weekly approvals and check-ins. 
We are responsible for working with you to develop creative designs that match your business needs. That means full-filling the consulting and/or design and marketing terms that are agreed to, while also providing clear methods of communication, and if needed, document sharing (Dropbox). We are also responsible for sharing information on a regular basis and providing any final designs that you will have the full rights to (we may share as part of our portfolio).
You are responsible for communicating with us and responding to approvals or inquiries in a timely manner, so that we may meet any established timeframes. You will need to have access to internet service and a computer that can handle large files. As you know, we are only able to give back if you're providing and approving the information.

7. Your Audience Gets You & Sees You as the 
​    Rockstar You Are!

Wow! You are making a splash and showing the world how incredible you are. Look at you go.
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Edie Mustard

Born and raised in Northern California, Edie has been a professional graphic designer and marketer for over 10 years. She is a lifelong artist and possesses a BA in Art from Sonoma State University.  After years of using her vast amount of experience and education working for organizations, she realized that she could pursue her passion to help small businesses and consultants in her entire capacity. Mustard Splatter Design was established in January 2017 and since then has been helping businesses to share their value with target audiences and grow. Edie's passion is in providing the resources and skills to small businesses in order to succeed through a clear identity and effective marketing. 

Outside of business, Edie is very involved in the local charities and volunteers a generous amount of time and talent to non-profits, such as the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life, the Animal Rescue Foundation, and the local schools and libraries. When not designing, marketing, or strategizing, Edie enjoys traveling, camping, movies, socializing with her friends, dressing up the many animals (3 cats, 2 dogs) in ridiculous outfits.
"You are talented and work hard for your business. Let's show that value, and let us focus on your branding and marketing."